Who are India’s Most Influential AgTech Startups Reshaping Agriculture in 2023?

India, known as an agriculture-dominant country, has been swift in its adoption of technology to enhance and refine farming practices. An upswing of agricultural technology (AgTech) startups is shaping India’s agro-industry by integrating technology into multiple aspects of agricultural practices, such as reducing waste, managing resources efficiently, empowering farmers, and enhancing productivity. Here, we discuss some intriguing AgTech startups in India, what they do, and the impacts they are making in the AgTech industry.

Agriculture technology has been redefining the landscape of farming practices, bringing forth innovative techniques for better-yielding crops, wastage reduction, resource management, and farmer empowerment. These startups are ensuring a promising future for farmers in India by enhancing productivity and integrating technology into the different aspects of farming. Being a country with a heavily dependent economy on agriculture, AgTech companies in India are playing a stellar role in bringing about a transformation in the sector.

This article explores the exciting world of AgTechs in India and their contributions to shaping the future of farming. Carving out a niche in the bustling startup scene, these companies are employing cutting-edge technology to revolutionise farming practices, thereby, ensuring a greener and more efficient future.


Greenikk, a digital ecosystem builder, is performing a pivotal role in supporting banana farmers in India. The tech-enabled platform allows farmers to increase efficiency and productivity. Find out more.


Bijak empowers MSME buyers and sellers through its B2B platform for agricultural commodities, facilitating seamless trading. Learn more.

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Krishify, a social network for the farmer community, helps in addressing the information asymmetry by providing a platform for them to discuss and solve their Agri input needs. Check it out.

GreenPod Labs

GreenPod Labs, an Agri-Biotech company, develops sustainable solutions to minimize agricultural food waste within the country. Find out more here.


Innoterra is a food and technology platform company with operations in 14 countries. Follow this link to know more.

Bharat Krushi Seva

Bharat Krushi Seva organizes technology-led sustainable business models to ensure seamless delivery of Agri Value chain to the last mile network. Read more.


Through its tech solutions, Varaha paves the way for the generation of carbon credits. Find out more.


GROWiT is thriving in the industry of Agri Tech & Manufacturing. Click to learn more.

Piatrika Biosystems

Piatrika Biosystems’ innovative platform supports researchers and plant breeders in bringing Sustainable Seeds and Agri Chemicals to fruition. Read more here.


Onato is designing a technology platform for India’s $100+ billion fruits and vegetable industry. Learn more about Onato.

Pepper Farms

With its Agtech solutions, Pepper farms assist farmers in organizing their vegetable production lifecycle, from plantation until harvest and sales. Check it out.

Farm Theory

Farm Theory, an Agri-tech startup, ensures the direct delivery of fruits and vegetables from farm to consumer. Learn more here.

Pure Green Farms

Pure Green Farms makes use of Hydroponic techniques to cultivate Leafy Greens. Read more.


AgriVijay is India’s first curated Marketplace of Renewable Energy products, making strides in empowering farmers and rural households to fight Climate Change. Learn more.

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VilFresh creates alternate distribution channels for agricultural outputs, enhancing their supply chain management. Check it out here.

These innovative AgTech startups are shaping farming’s future in India with their cutting-edge solutions and are offering a new outlook towards agriculture business in the country.

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